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    SecurityCenter won't update

      Got McAfee SecurityCenter pre-installed on Dell Studio XPS 8100 purchased December 2010.  Windows 7 SP1 is up-to-date.


      SecurityCenter claims "Updates: Current" with DAT version 6461 dated 09/06/2011 which I manually updated yesterday, hoping to fix problem.


      When I go to "Business Home > Products & Solutions > Downloads" - "Security Updates", I see that there is a new DAT version 6462 released 09/07/2011.


      If I can see it, why can't SecurityCenter?


      When I go to "support" page (http://home.mcafee.com/Root/Support.aspx) and click on blue "get support" button, a new Firefox (latest version 3.6.21) tab opens and says "An Error Occurred".


      Where do I go from here?


      Thank you.

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          Peter M

          Mine is 6461 also.  That web page goes up in advance of the release and unless people want to install updates manually, it's simply a case of waiting for them to filter through to all the hundreds of servers dotted around the globe.


          It's best to wait as the update that is coming through the pipe may contain more than just VirusScan updates.   There are several important patches released lately or about to be released and they aren't included in the manual download.


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            Peter M

            By the way re: manual updating, see https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2155

            The link from that page works, for me at least.

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              Many thanks for the information.


              The only reason I resorted to "manual" update (I did follow your link, and have it bookmarked in case of future problems) was that McAfee told me there were updates, but it wouldn't install them - "Home page" showed "X Updates: Available" with the "X" and "Updates" in red.


              I'm on a SLOW broadband connection, and I'm not online every day, so I may go a week between updates - thought that might have been part of the original problem.


              I'll take your advice and wait for McAfee to tell me there are updates and hope for the best.


              P.S. What frustrated me the most was pressing the "Get Support" button and getting "An Error Occurred", which was less than helpful.


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                Peter M

                What you could do is change the update settings to alert you first if you haven't already.


                Open SecurityCenter

                Click Updates on the home screen (if anything else is showing dismiss the message)

                Click Settings.