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    Virus Scan blocking mails from being sent

      Hi All,

      I actually have the same problem as tr1xx has mentioned but as it's really important that I solve this I wanted to post it separately.

      I have created a webpage in VB and want to send mails using SMTP. That all works fine, except that the virus scan is set up to block mails. If you open up the VirusScan console and click 'Access Protection' and then unclick the check box 'Prevent Mass Mailing worms from sending mail' on the server then the website can send mails without any problem. Unfortunately, the VirusScan software resets itself every hour or so and rechecks this checkbox and when this happens the site can no longer send mails again.

      Another way to get past this is to add your process to the excluded processes list which you can find by double clicking on the 'Prevent Mass Mailing worms from sending mail' option. The process to add in my case is aspnet_wp.exe. Unfortunately, same problem occurs. McAfee resets the list every hour to the list it has stored somewhere and I can no longer send mails again.

      I'm using version 8.0i by the way.

      How can I stop this happening?

      Thanks for your help, JF
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          It sounds like your systems are controlled by McAfee EPO. You will need to talk to your EPO administrator and see if they will add the program exception for you.

          In my environment, I allow users to add their own exceptions. These don't get overwritten as their is a setting to "allow user exceptions".
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            Thanks for that.

            Could you possibly give me any more info on how that works? The IT administrator here doesn't seem to know much about the process. He said to me that all he does is install using a disk and that's about it. Doesn't know about changing settings or what the problem is that I have.

            Is it possible then that this is controlled from somewhere else or how is this occurring? If I had to go about solving this myself where would it be likely that I would have to start? (e.g. this is controlled by some settings on some server somewhere or something like this?)

            Thanks, JF
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              It sounds like the administrator installed the EPO agent using a floppy disk. The EPO Agent is the piece on your workstation that will contact a centrally controlled McAfee EPO server. On this server is the McAfee policies that control what your workstation's McAfee VirusScan. You need to contact the administrator of the EPO server for any policy changes.
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                Ok and yes I've found some other posts here about this now.

                So basically it looks like I have as someone else said "an ePolicy Orchestrator server or Protection Pilot running on your network".

                So you say this will be on my workstation? Well I did a bit of a search and I can see 'EPOAGENT3000' on my workstation. Is this what you are referring to? I can't see anything else.

                Thanks, JF
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                  The central EPO server is managing the settings for the McAfee on your workstation. You will have to talk to the person who is responsible for the server and tell them what your issue with email is.
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                    Ok, thanks for your help. I'll look into it.

                    Best of Luck!

                    • 7. Find the server
                      If you use Notepad to open the file SiteMapList.xml (mine is in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework) the string after "ServerName=" will tell you which machine is pushing policy updates onto your client.

                      Make sure you don't alter SiteMapList.xml when you look.
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                        Hi, thanks for the input.

                        I can't see that file. Can't see anything relating to McAfee on my harddrives actually. Only thing I can see which looks related is a folder called 'C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan' which contains a lot of files, but not the one you mention.

                        Actually, I can see a file called 'sitelist.xml' which I think must be the file. Don't know what I'm looking at though. There are a number of sections which start with 'FTPSite Name' and then the server. These are as follows:

                        FTP SLOUGH
                        FTP ARCHWAY
                        ePO Server Rennes
                        Network Associates
                        HttpSite Name = NAIHttp

                        So, would I be right in assuming the one which says 'ePO Server Rennes' is the server I'm looking for?

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                          Yes it is, your PC's antivirus software is set to update from 2 custom FTP sites at archway and slough and then another epo server repository called rennes which will manage policy of VSE.

                          Not seeing mcafee is a red herring as mcafee and network associates are the same company
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