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    Problems after installation

      I've installed Total Protection. After every update i get a message that my pc is at risk.

      The virtual technician can't find any faults and Windows Security Center states "McAfee reports that all component are on". This is the second time now and the problem is still there. I can't get through to support because Virtual Technician says everything's ok. I'm getting fed up with this as i don't know for sure if my pc is protected or not? Can someone at McAfee please contact me by email so we can sort this problem out? Many thanks, Maddy1369

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          Hi there,

          What is the operating system installed ?
          Did you have / Do you currently have any other  security software in the PC ?

          Do you received any alerts in the computer while going online .

          How is the computer connected to internet  ? DSL/Wireless/Cable





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            Got windows xp, windows standard security, no alerts when going online and cable connected. Funny, because yesterday i had another update and pc at risk again!

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              This frequent Your PC is at risk alert might pop up , if McAfee security center is nt uptodate or not receive the updates that should have been pending . As far as  I understand , your situation should be the one as above . So , please run the McAfee virtual technician from here : http://mvt.mcafee.com which is an automated tool designed to solve almost half the issues with the product .