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    Policy Auditor Version mismatch

      I installed Policy Auditr 5.3 on my ePO server 4.5 during the upgrade however after updating all the extension and the software the ePo still showing Policy audiitor as 5.2 not sure what went wrong and I cant find the paagent log though the folder already exist policy audutor server

      I realized that after I ran Audits I realized its coming always as unknown

      Any advice on where to look or help appreciate attached screen shot

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          I'm no expert on PA, but it seems you're looking at a client running the PA agent.

          It seems reasonable that you may still need to schedule a deployment task to upgrade the actual PA agent on the client machine, I doubt this will happen automatically just because you checked in the 5.3 extension and package.


          Just a thought, as this is how it works for products managed by ePO in general.





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            Thanks for the reply I already did I m getting an error repository not found or some thing like Unable to find a valid repository


            whats the best place to check the logs for this I dont have that error for the other xtension that I deployed before strangely enoguh so thats I m thinking they are related