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    Google Redirect Virus, plus McAfee has major image, customer service, and product improvements to make

      After spending three hours trying to remove the google redirect virus on my own, I have given up.  It has defeated me.  I have been a mcafee user since it came with my PC about two years ago.


      I had my first virus last week.  It was a good one.  It was a microsoft security warning telling me that my files were being uploaded by an illegal host.  I called Mcafee customer service.  They charged me $90 to remove the virus on top of annual subscription fee.  Not a bad business model, charge the customer, when the product/service fails, charge the customer again.


      Ever since they remote accessed my PC, charged my credit card, I now have this google redirect virus.  I tried to remove myself, but failed.  I sent Mcafee an email outlining the problem.  Hopefully they will be responsive and help me fix this problem.


      After reading multiple blogs, I feel that Macafee has some image, customer service and product improvements to make.  It seems like this google redirect virus has been around for some time.