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    Migration from server 4.6 to 4.6




      My purpose is moving our epo 4.6 to a new server. In this server ePO 4.6, SQL for its DB and another apps are running now. We want to divide the ePO (app and DB) from the other applications in order to have better performance. The moving should be from Windows Server 2003 to another Windows Server 2003, no changes in the architecture. The problem is... if we will shutdown the old ePO the clients how should recognize the (and in the future will be the only one) new ePO? And what about settings, rules and so on (we have a lot of them)? I found KBs (KB71078) about the migration to 64 bit, and, I will rename the new server of course and it'll got a brand new IP, so that KB is not for my case. Thank you for your help! F.


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          I would install the new ePO Server with new DB and name, IP, etc. and prepare the new ePO Server with the configuration of the old one.


          - export System Tree structure and systems

          - Export Client Tasks and Client Task Assignments

          - Export Policies and Policy Assignments

          - Configure Server Tasks

          - ....


          Make both ePO Servers know each other.

          - export/import Communication Keys

          - add the other ePO Server to the registered Servers and enable Transfer Systems


          --> Transfer Systems via ePO UI.


          Have this setup running for a while (depending how fast the machines are communicating to the new ePO).

          After all machines have switched the ePO, shutdown/uninstall the old ePO Server.


          That would be the best way.