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    Help!!! Trojan Artemis! 53A0E3AF3637



      My laptop alerted me of a trojan and I was told to restart so that McAfee can sort the problem. When my computer went back on, I ran a full scan it said my computer is safe. But I went to check the report and saw that the trojan detected is still there. I went to History and Logs and it says Artemis! 53A0E3AF3637 was detected. Does this mean that my laptop has this virus? How do I remove it? What should I do? By the way, I am a computer idiot who only knows how to check emails. Please help me!

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          It means it was detected and quarantined.  It would have said that it failed to remove it if it hadn't quarantined it.


          Assuming it's the home product double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

          Click Navigation

          Click Quarantined and Trusted Items.

          Click the 3 'drawers' to expand and it should be sitting somewhere in there where you can delete it if needs be.


          Artemis is the heuristic engine that detects unknowns and reports them back to the Lab automatically for analysis and inclusion in the regular database.


          In rare circumstances it can also wrongly detect something of course.  If you think that has happened follow the steps here:: https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016


          The report and logs will reflect its detection for some time until they are over-written.


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            Hi thank you for your help. I managed to delete the quarantined items. However, I could not delete those in the Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs section because a message would pop up saying "stop running script ? A script on this page is causing your web browser to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer might become unresponsive " where I need to click either 'Yes' or 'No'. I tried loading it but it will not allow me to delete the files under this section. What do I need to do now? Thanks.


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              You can delete the contents of the Quarantine Folder in another way.  


              You have to enable viewing of hidden files and folders within Windows Explorer under Tools/Folder Options/View (Windows Explorer is any internal page such as Documents or Computer).


              First you have to turn off Access Protection in SecurityCenter.


              Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter


              Click Navigation


              Click General Settings and Alerts


              Click Access Protection


              Uncheck it and click Apply and close SecurityCenter


              In XP the pathway to the Quarantined files within Windows itself is: C:Documents & Settings/All Users/ApplicationData/McAfee/Virusscan/Quarantine


              In Vista and Windows 7:C:\ProgramData\McAfee\VirusScan\Quarantine


              Only delete the contents of the folder and not the folder itself.


              To delete all at once simply go to Edit > Select All then simultaneously click Shift and Delete on your keyboard at the same time.


              By clicking Shift that not only deletes them but bypasses the Recycle Bin so saves a step.


              Don't forget to re-enable Access Protection.


              You can stop the Quarantine folder getting so large by turning off cookie detection in VirusScan's general settings if you wish.


              Click Virus and Spyware Protection


              Click Real-Time Scanning


              Click Settings


              Uncheck Tracking Cookies


              Click Apply.


              (Tracking cookies are how sites remember you so are usually totally harmless).


              You might want to get a second opinion on whether you have malware lingering or not by downloading, updating (important) and then running the FREE version of THIS tool.


              Use only the free version because the other one can clash with McAfee and if you decide to keep it around always update it before running.


              Support for that tool is HERE.








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                Hi, thank you for your help once again. I managed to remove the files and ran the malware software. However, after doing all that I did a rescan and the report still says Item Detected Trojan: 1.  What should I do? Thanks.

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                  Can you tell me the path to it...like where exactly is this offending file?   If you mean the masin Security report then that's nothing to worry about as it will update eventually, it's merely a record of recent occurences.

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                    I got the report from McAfee after the rescan. I don't know where the offending file is. How can I find it? I am sorry, I am bad with computers.

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                      We were all bad with computers at one stage or another so don't worry.   Open SecurityCenter by double-clicking the taskbar icon

                      Click Navigation at top right

                      Click Quarantined and Trusted Items (scroll down)

                      It should be listed there along with the path - click those 'drawers' to expand them.

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                        Thanks again.  Just to let you know, my laptop is running on Windows 7.


                        I looked under all of those drawers and expanded them. But there is nothing there. I managed to delete them by going through the step you have provided me earlier on. But why does it still show that the Trojan is still there in the report? Could it be still in my laptop somewhere? What should I do? Thanks.

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                          I doubt it very much.  If you could provide a screen shot of that report I might be able to provide some more insight.

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