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    Java.exe and javaw.exe - what do you do regarding allowing ports?


      Hi All,


      Im in the process of rolling out HIPS 7 firewall settings to 1500 users. I have 300 so far and the amount of java.exe and javaw.exe firewall rules is getting excessive and difficult to manage.


      I have changed the rules to apply by path rather than by fingerprint to reduce the rules somewhat but they are still generating more and more required ports every few days.


      I was wondering how anyone of this forum has setup java rules in their environment.

      I'm tempted to add two rules for java.exe and javaw.exe that allow any IP protocoll from any local to any remote server as long as its in the trusted IP range but not sure if this is recommended or just the lazy way of doing things

      Or is this just a case of sticking with it for a few weeks to capture everything?