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    Installation issue

      I am running 32-bit Windows 7. Recently I started having an error when I start a scan. I decided to reinstall my Internet Security and had problems with that. I got the error that it couldn't find:


      x:\$windows.~bt\windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository\mfenlfk.inf_x86_neut ral_f5eed0c05aed03bf


      when doing the reinstall.


      I followed a recent discussion about the preinstall and ran that. Same message. I ran the MCPR uninstall, ran the preinstall, and tried to install. Same message.


      Why is this message coming up? Why is it looking for disk "x"?


      Any suggestions, anyone?

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          Sorry no idea that is a new 1. Better to ask tech support services via the useful links tab above. If they usnsure or unable to fix ask to escalate it. Note your job numbers


          BTW what was the error you were getting starting a scan?


          Out of interest have you a drive x?


          If still a problem ask and I will push this up the line

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            It was an innocuous "an error occurred" message, nothing else. And, I do not have an x drive. I was wondering if that was supposed to link to the Mcafee website for it, but I guess not.

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              Pushed up the line

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                Hi pmort,

                Could you please let us know some of the below information ;


                Did you have / Do you currently have any other  security software in the PC ?

                How old is the PC ???

                How is the computer connected to internet  ? DSL/Wireless/Cable

                Can you post us with the screenshot of the said error message .




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                  I was originally running Spybot but uninstalled it. I was then running Microsoft Security but also uninstalled that. Superantispyware is running but McAfee doesn't make any mention of it in their installation incompatibilies.


                  My pc is about a year old.


                  I am connected via cable (road runner)


                  screen shot last install after deleting Microsoft Security.


                  I don't understand why the install is looking for something on the x drive, which I do not have.



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                    Do some Google searches for $windows.~bt . You will see that this is a temporary folder used during Windows Setup. Many other users are complaining of the same thing. It looks like it boils down to taking ownership of the files and deleting them.



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                      I have searched for the file on my PC and have not found it anywhere. Earlier I even tried to change the download request to my c/: drive but also to no avail.


                      As I said earlier, the install was looking for the file on an x/: drive, which I do not have.



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                        We do have an FAQ for this. Apparently this can happen if you have ever had a McAfee installation for Enterprise or Small Business.




                        • Capture the file path and error message.
                        • Check if customer used any of the McAfee SMB protection software (Total Protection Service, SaaS)  or the McAfee Enterprise Version of McAfee before on the Machine
                        • If they have used, try to run the Removal tool http://vs.mcafeeasap.com/MC/enu/vs45/bin/mvsuninst.exe
                        • Restart the Machine
                        • Download and run MCPR.exe.(     TS100507)
                        • If still an Error Dialog box appears and says "You need the file "mfenlfk.sys" McAfee NDIS Light Filter to continue the Installation, Stop the Installation
                        • Try to delete the Traces of McAfee manually from c:\windows\system32 ,(How to delete the traces of McAfee driver catalog files:In windows Search type "mfe" and look for file name mfenlfk.cat , mfenlfk.sys,mfenlfk.pnf.
                        • Restart the machine and initiating McAfee Installation.


                        Note : Don’t delete mfeerror.dll or mferror.sys they are not McAfee files, they are Microsoft Files, be careful in deleting the McAfee traces.


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                          I thank all of you for your help and thoughts. However, none of them worked.


                          What DID work, however, was when the file needed window popped up, out of frustration I clicked on the browse button. Voila - a window popped up with the needed file! I clicked on it and McAfee's installation continued on without a hitch.


                          As simple as that.


                          Hope this may help someone else in the future.


                          Thanks again for your suggestions.



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