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    tracking coockies

      how to remove tracking coockies from the security report after analyse?

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          These are in the quarantined and trusted items area  open quarantined and potentially unwanted items and delete them. To get there click on navigation then quarantined and trusted items. This what you want? Or do you want to alter the report?

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            thank you for your help, i did delete the coockies but the report stay the same so how to reset the report if it's possible?

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              There are a virusscan\logs and virusscan\data folder the logs there are editable. In Win 7 they are in programdata\mcafee\virusscan etc

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                well you lost me there but if that report doesn't mean that my computer is under attack is it really necessary to reset it , what are the risks for the system?

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                  Sorry 1st what operating system and I will give you the correct folder path. In Windows 7 it is program data\mcafee\virusscan\logs and \data they have .log files




                  I get heaps and they are removed by mcafee

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                    i have windows 7 but how to get to program data is my problem.sorry i'm a roockie but i learn very fast.thank you for your help.

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                      Click on Computer icon on desktop and C drive then Program data etc ie follow your nose. the log file should open with notepad.


                      Another way right click orb bottom left of screen . Click open windows explorer and then Computer on left hand listing then C: then rest as mentioned above.


                      If still a problem will post a pic.

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                        following your instructons i went to windows(c:)/programmes/mcafee/virusscan/dat in dat there is a folder 6461.0,when i opened it  i found several files: avvclean.dat



                                                                                         bootclean.dat(with a lock on it)

                                                                                         bootnames.dat(with lock)

                                                                                         bootscan.dat(with lock)


                        wich ones should i delete?

                        thank you for your help.

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                          Sorry try again you are in the program files folder I said programdata folder look here


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