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    a failed activation in dell inspiron n5010 laptop

      ive perchased a dell inspiron n5010 laptop with mcafee security center .

      i was told to activate the product , but when i tried to do that it did not get activated .

      my university has a proxy server , if that is a problem then how to solve that . if not then wgat to do .
      please help me as i have to activate it by end of this month .

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          McAfee products fail to activate/update when a proxy server requires you to enter a user name and password for authentication. Some Proxy servers are configured to require authentication with a username and password before allowing any network traffic through. While this is a valid configuration, McAfee products are unable to authenticate to the proxy server. This causes product updates to fail. Hence, you need to disable the proxy server or choose a different network without proxy for the consumer products to work