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    Problems with VSE 8.5i Patch 5

      After upgrading to Patch 5 from Patch 4 on several Windows Server 2003 x86 Servers I am flooded with the following alert messages whenever I use Internet Explorer 6.

      The Scan was unable to scan password protected file C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\Y5UZK52F\premiersupport.dell[1]\premiersupport. Scan engine version used is 5200.2160 DAT version 5319.0000. (from XXXXXX IP 192.168.XXX.XXX user Administrator running VirusScan EntSv 8.5 OAS)

      Upgrading to IE7 seems to alleviate the issue.

      Is anyone else seeing this with Patch 5?