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    Firewall turned off without me knowing...twice now...what could be the cause?

      I've had this happen to me twice now since the last major Mcafee GUI update weeks ago: the Firewall had been turned off.


      I didn't notice it until I was browing a website and could tell that the parental controls weren't working because I use them to block certain Ad urls.


      So I opened the Mcafee control panel and it didn't display any warning, however when I went into Parental Controls, verified they were active, then backed out to the main screen, it then told me Firewall was off.


      I had to turn it on AND reboot my pc before it was working properly again.


      Last time this happened was probably a few weeks ago...


      It's working fine now, but I'm just wondering what could possibly have turned it off?  I'm the only user of this PC and I surely don't turn it off...nor do I have any viruses, etc.


      My details:


      Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1 64-bit

      IE 9

      Mcafee SecurityCenter 11.0.578

      Mcafee VirusScan 15.0.291

      Mcafee Personal Firewall 12.0.338

      Mcafee Parental Controls 13.0.286



      If it happens again, what should I be looking for as possible culprits?  Should I check any specific services or logs?