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    Can't Activate McAfee

      Hi, I bought a Dell laptop at the end of July, with McAfee pre installed. As I only need it school term time, I didn't attempt to use it until this week. Every time I log in, McAfee asks me to activate the account but then informs me that it isn't possible as it had to be done by 6 August. Dell don't want to know, even though they sold me the laptopand I can't get any help from McAfee either. I'm not sure if I'm protected or not. I did think about uninstalling it and going over to Windows Defender, but uninstalling can't be done unless I activate it, and I can't activate it. I'm a novice at all this. Help! (I live in the UK). 

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          Hi jacky,

          Sorry for the deferred response , Could you please make a right click on the M icon at the system tray and click on Activate / Register

          Continue with the process and let us know the exact error message that you receive , if possible please attach a screen shot for the same .