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    NDLP Manager and ePo Integration



      Can I integrate one NDLP Manager with two ePo?

      Or the integration is 1-to-1?



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          yes this is possible , In this case the incidents from both the ePO will be copied to the same NDLP iManager.

          So the incidents for both ePO can be seen in the same NDLp iMAnager GUI

          This configuration is very much possible.

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            Thanks for your answer.


            Do you refer to integration only for unification of incidents or for all further activities such as case management, definition and propagation of policies from NDLP Manager towards both ePo too?


            Thanks in advance.

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              This is possible for policy deployment as well.

              Only in this case same polcy will be deployed from NDLP  iManager to all the regsitered ePO.

              The incidents that are copied fron ePO to NDLP iManager can be further used to do case management

              This whole operation can be done from the ePO framein GUI ( This is the NDLP iManager GUi inside the ePO)

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                Hi Rohit,


                you stated NDLP iManager..

                Is it the same GUI than NDLP Manager appliance GUI?

                How can I access the NDLP iManager?


                Sorry if it is a trivial Question.

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                  Hi Puga


                  with ePO framein the iManager GUI is ported inside the ePO.

                  So once you install the NDLP extension in ePO you should register the iManager in ePO

                  Once the NDLp extension in installed in ePO you will get tab for "Data Loss Prevention"

                  on clicking the tab "Data Loss Prevention" tab you get sub tabs "DLP config"

                  On Clicking DLP config you get  "Use default login to login to DLPmanager"  this is enabel by default

                  Then you get policy tab

                  once you click "policy " you get iManager Poicy tab

                  From there you can do thet policy configuration for both HDLp and NDLP

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                    Great Explanation!

                    Thanks a lot!


                    However, please take in account we have two ePo. So, How can we integrate both ePo with one NDLP Manager in order to define policies, propagate them to both ePo, etc?

                    Which NDLP Imanager must I use for "manage" both ePo if every one of the ePo has one NDLP Imanager?


                    Thanks in advance