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    Cannot uninstall McAfee Family Protection

      Hello everyone! So I want some help on an issue with uninstalling McAfee Family Protection(MFP). And heres the situation


      I installed McAfee Family protection just fine. After some days have passed, I am not sure what happened. I cannot access the internet on that particular computer. When I try to, I am asked for the credentials to sign into MFP and the email address or password are not being accepted. I cannot uninstall it via the add or remove programs as a result. I attempted to run the McAfee Removal Tool(MCPR.exe) by using a flash drive to transfer the file from one working PC to the affected one and it does not remove it. I also called my cable company(where I downloaded the software from as it is complimentary to my services with them), who stated that they could look up my information using a database called "Partner Portal" but it MFP would not aceept the information they provided me either. So I am lost as to what to do here. I cannot uninstall MFP from my affected computer and I also cannot access the internet.


      Are there any procedures I can go through to fix this? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you for your time.

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          Try the below steps,


          • Enable show hidden files & folders from folder options.
          • open task manger ,end the process named mfp.exe,updateservice.exe.
          • open c:\programfiles\ and delete the folder named internet content filter
          • open the c:\program files\installsheild installation information\ folder.
          • Now try to find the folder named 08A6E2a- .... and delete the folder
          • Goto Add or Remove Programs or Program and Features to remove the McAfee Family Protection from that list
          • Now restart the computer,
          • check if you are able to go online , if issue persists execute the following command using the "command Prompt"
          • If its XP , Click on Start >Run , If its vista or Windows 7 , Under Start Search Type "Run" and Make Right Click on "Cmd" from the Start Menu and Select "Run as Administrator"
          • Now type this command without quotes "netsh winsock reset catalog" and Press Enter.
          • Restart the computer and try to browse the website , you should be able to go online



          Raja Gopalan S