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    Mcafee Total Protection & XP SP3 Boot-up failure

      A number of non Mcafee user groups are discussing a problem where Windows XP (SP3) fails to reach the sign-in screen but will boot in safe mode or Last known good configurtaion; there is much concern that all users with this problem also use Mcafee Total Protection and that the error occured after updates to Mcafee files on 1-Sept-2011.  This may be co-incidental, but for the last few days  have been running MVT against my Mcafee files and note that an error occurs where MVT reports that the system is looking for a DAT file which is always 1 above the file which exists. If you request MVT to fix the problem it claims to do this, but rescanning the files shows the same error; today it is looking for DAT file 6459 but only finds 6458; yesterday it was looking for 6458 but only found 6456; this must be a Mcafee problem does anyone know what effect it will have? Will any Moderator care to comment?  

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          This seems to happen intermittently. I ran MVT yesterday and had the same experience - DAT reported as out of date, allegedly fixed by a download, but no download happened until a while later. Today MVT reports DAT is current -MVT log 2.JPG



          - so I'm guessing that MVT is checking a server somewhere and is given the latest DAT release number, but the new release is still being propagated through the server network and hasn't reached my (and your) local server and so can't be downloaded yet.


          This is a little more than surmise, since I've checked before and found that my local download server is an Akamai server based somewhere in Germany. I would guess that MVT checks for the latest version with a server somewhere in the States. It's a minor annoyance, not a big problem. The DATs come through soon enough.


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            Not sure I'm convinced by this answer, I would have thought that the system checks for what the rest of the programs are looking for, not just the latest edition; I also seem to recall that last year there was an error in uploading a change which only affected XP users (and not Windows 7 or Vista users) are you sure that the appropriate file is available to XP users?; Also, surely, when MVT identified that a file was missing, and I keyed the "fix" button MVT would have used the same connection it used to check what the file should be to download that file; therefore why when I re-run MVT does it still find that the expected file is not present?

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              Update: after I recieved the Mcafee automatic updates yesterday  I re-run MVT and it reported no problems. I tried rebooting the PC and still had to use the "last known good configuration" option, but the shut -down procedure must have somehow corrected itself, because this morning my system has booted up and is running normally again. Problem Solved.