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    Installing 0% complete

      I have SecurityCenter installed on all the PC/laptops on my home network.  Updates are scheduled to run automatically.  For about a month, I will periodically find the computer runnig very "hard" (fan, disc light going etc).  The McAfee icon will tell me "Installing Updates 0% complete".  I can leave this overnight and it will still be 0% complete by morning.  Task manager tells me that McVhost and McAgent are between them using ~90% of CPU power.


      I have tried to uninstall/reinstall to try and by-pass a troubled installation, but to no avail.  Periodically it will say "Restart your PC to upgrade to the latest version of McAfee SecurityCenter" which I have done and which makes no difference.  I don't which update it is trying load, these things seem well hidden from residential users.


      Any thoughts?  My computer is becoming unsuable and given that I pay for McAfee when Norton is free with my ISP the temptation to switch is becoming irresistable.




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          Sorry to take so long to get to you but it's a holiday weekend in N.America so no McAfee staff around.


          What operating system and service pack is this?  (Right-click Computer or My Computer if XP, and select Properties).


          Also how much free space is available on your hard drive and how much memory (RAM) is installed?


          Lastly have you experienced any other slow downs, on the machine or with your Internet connection, and do you use registry cleaners at all?


          Updates can be resource-hungry but it shouldn't seize up like that.


          The only immediate thought is when you uninstalled, did you also run the MCPR cleanup tool (link under Useful Links at top of page) and reboot afterwards, then install the software froim your online account?

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            Thanks for the reply:


            1.  I am using Windows 7 SP1


            2.  358GB (of 586GB) is free on hard drive


            3.   RAM is 4GB (it says 3GB usable in brackets afterwards)


            4.   I had one repeated failing Windows update "Cumulative Security update for Internet Explorer 8" (KB2559049).  Have hidden that and had no problems since.


            5.  I didn't use MCPR clean up when I re-installed.  Will try that now.

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              That gives me a clue.


              Try downloading Internet Explorer 9 from here:  http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=13950


              Install it and see what happens.


              IE9 is not only very secure but works better than IE8 ever did.   It even got good press, for a change.


              You computer seems to have very adequate resources by the way, so those can't be the cause.


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                Since re-installing using MCPR, the problem hasn't recurred (6 hours).  I'll keep an eye on it.  I would like to try and avoid installing IE9 if i can avoid it.  It had installed as a standard update but I experienced some issues with it so uninstalled it.


                If it is only way to solve this problem then I will retry it.


                Thanks for your help.



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                  Oh well, it's your choice of course but it would be best to install it, whether or not you choose it as your default browser is another matter.


                  What problems did you have out of curiosity?


                  Let's hope it's solved anyway.

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                    Still seems OK.  The problem I had had with IE9 was that, having installed it, I couldn't send an assigment through the online submission system that my University has (I had an hour to go before the deadline so did a panic uninstall).


                    Given your advice, I have re-installed IE9 and seemed to send another assignment fine this morning.


                    All seems to be good so thanks for your help.

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                      That's good.  IE9 is considered the safest browser around - Microsoft have a winner with that one.  Glad it's installed and working.


                      Let's hope it stays OK from now on in ;-)

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                        Anyone with a similar situation please start a separate new discussion, thank you.


                        I locked this as the advice given is also out of date....IE11 should be installed, IE9 only applies to Vista and IE8 to XP.