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    black screen in xp after reinstalling mcafee

      i reinstalled mcafee. now on power up i get a black screen asking me if i want to go back to the last known good configuration. i have contacted mvt. and i have been told that i have a problem log, and a problem with diagnostic details

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          Peter M

          Well you could either take the last known good configuration route or try booting into Safe Mode by tapping F8 while booting up and then locating System Restore in the Start/All Programs/Accessories menu and go back to when it worked.


          Is this XP SP3 I trust and a 32-bit machine?


          If you can boot up using either of those options then I suggest contacting Technical Support Online Chat via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          They can link up with you to troubleshoot.

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            The Problem Log and Diagnostic Details are essentially the same. MVT reports on the status of all the McAfee components, and these two reports show if anything is missing or not properly installed. What exactly did MVT find amiss with your installation? By all means take a screenshot of the relevant section(s) of the report and post it here.

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              unable to tranfer print screen so



              virus scan mcafee internet security user 15.0.291

              pending :dat out of date

              problems :services expected(4)


              security centre 11.0.578

              problems: expected(1)


              personal firewall -mcafee internet security3 user 12.0.338

              problems: service expected(1)


              mcafee network agent 5.0

              problem:services expected(1)

              problem:process(es) not running(1)




              ps the virtual technican told me yesterday that i had 22 problems.  today i have 9 problems!!! what can have changed?


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                The diagnostic log allows you to see in detail what the results were for each of the checks MVT made. If you have 4 processes not running in VirusScan, for instance, you should look in that section and check what's not running. You get a list something like the one below.

                MVT log.JPG


                If MVT has detected problems, let it fix them. Then run a full scan with the latest DAT update, because if something is disabling McAfee it may be that your PC has an infection of some kind.


                You might also want to run a quick scan with the free version of Malwarebytes and if you haven't already got it I would suggest you download Windows Defender from Microsoft - it runs on my XP alongside McAfee without any conflict and provides a useful extra level of security.


                None of which addresses your original problem. Something on your machine has changed, and XP doesn't like it. Made any changes lately? Added new hardware or downloaded any programs?


                As a precaution, you should check the file system is okay - open Windows Explorer, select the C: drive entry, right-click on it and select Properties, select Tools and click 'Check Now'.  Check the box for 'Automatically fix file system errors', and XP will run chkdsk next time you reboot. Let us know if it detects lots of problems (it fixes as it goes. I recently had over 300 problems, and it fixed them all).


                If all this turns up nothing the next step is to run a System File Check, but that can wait. It takes quite a while to run.


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                  I've moved this thread out of the Help section into Home & Home Office General Discussion. I don't think it's an MVT problem, MVT is just showing the symptoms of something else.