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    Need Help-Personal Firewall blocking Wireless Router connections



      I have a UTStarcom® UT-300R2U Wireless Router, a Dell Laptop with a DW1501 Wireless LAN card and a valid subscription of McAfee (with the latest updates). I am unable to connect to my router wirelessly unless I disable the McAfee firewall and some McAfee Services from the Services applet. I am also not able to ping the router and get a "Destination unreachable" message. When I do an Ipconfig, I can see that the laptop has picked up a default IP (169.254.XX.XX). However if I disable the firewall and some services (see attached screenshot), I am able to connect to my router again.


      The  McAfee Firewall blocks incoming connections from the router (like the dhcp server in the router). As the Laptop does not get a IP from the dhcp server in the router, it picks up the default IP, as a result I cannot connect to the internet. I have tried adding the router IP in the safe list in "My Network Connections" section in McAfee, but that does not help.


      Can some one please help?