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    Renewal Problem



      I have had Macaffee for a few years now. Recently my Macafee was about to expire so I bought a new one and renewed it with new code.


      After a few weeks my internet stopped working. To fix it, I had to stop the mcafee firewall to make it work again.


      After that McAfee said that it has expired and that I have been unprotected since the last time I renewed it.


      So I deleted it, restarted my computer, and when I went to download it from the website, it said that my code has already been used to redeem the item. So I tried installing it from the CD again, it accepted the code, but after a few hours said that it has expired again.


      So I am not sure how to make McAfee to work. It would be great if someone could help. My OS is Windows XP.