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      Opened and Outlook 2007 email and saved a .zip file onto my work computer. McAfee Total Protect detected and removed Artemis!B21E8F53557, I can find info on Artemis! but not B21EF53557.  Is this real or is it another false.  I tested this file using Symantec Endpoint Protection, Microsoft Security Essentials, Malwarebytes, and SuperAntispyware....only McAfee has detected it.  Any thoughts?

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          Could we have a scan log or screenshot as the Artemis detection you provided is incomplete hash (atleast 12 characters would do)



          Neha C

          McAfee SME

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            As we could see the detection name is not complete, which difficult on our investigation. Are you still getting the detection ? If yes, would it be possible to send us a logfile or a screenshot of the detection. Then, we will be able to analyze its content further.


            Thanks in advance !