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    A virus or coincidental & simultaneous multiple-program failures, spontaneous changes, quirks

      Hello, I've had numerous issues on my computer over the past 48 hours.


      Proxy server is refusing connections, I changed to no proxy, firefox changed back to manual proxy, back/forth....Thank G, now it is back to 'no proxy' & sticking


      Adobe flash not working on BBC news website or Youtube. I could get it to work again by uninstalling and reinstalling this program, or runnng virus scan and removal software and rebooting, but after each of these interventions - while it would work for a few hours - it would stop working again, restart with one of these interventions, revert to not functioning, etc etc


      All icons & text changes size and on booting up the message 'no ATI graphics driver or the ATI driver is not functioning properly'


      Computer slowed down so much barely usable....5 minutes plus between screen changes, this back to normal...seemed related to virus scan & removal


      on about 1 in 10 google search results, I would get redirected....only in the last 2 days


      Content disappearing/not appearing on webpages...this being solved by removing cookies..although there was a problem that everytime this was attempted the system hung for several minutes and would not allow any work to continue


      The go to assistant trying several times to access my computer and being blocked


      When I ran virus scans I ran McAfee scan, McAfee Virtual Technician, Malwarebytes, Stinger, Killbox.


      I have MCAfee subscription, tried free online chat/ email service, then bought the premium tech support service (£59), who were sooooo following a protocol. The only problem I mentioned that they were in anyway interested in was the redirection one. This was the only problem they looked into....they seemed to think the other issues were to do with the original programs malfunctioning. I thought this too originally but since they all started happening together and were changing, recurring despite reasonable intervention, I thought that it's a virus & I need to get it sorted. But I found the service dreadful. I could expand on this but for now, want to ask how lkely it is that the other problems -ar the redirection issue - are all a coincidence, are malfunctioning at the same time and not related to a virus???


      Mrs Linton