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    Missing system tray icon on reinstall

      I just upgraded from Vista to Win 7 on Dell Inspiron1720 and when I reinstall Internet Security,  I get the error message shown below.

      I cannot find any reference and have looked in Program Files, Program Files\Common Files, and Program Data after making system files visible.

      The Trend Micro software was long ago uninstalled and only now as I re-install Internet Security under Win 7 do I see any reference to it.

      I have run Virtual Technician.

      The Chat experience was not successful in helping.

      I am experiencing the Mcafee icon not showing in the system tray.

      When I manually start McAfee, it appears, but upon reboot is not visible.

      Windows reports that McAfee is running OK, but I depend on that icon to show me all is well each day.

      Because the icon is missing not sure what else may be missing.


      What can I do to get a successful install and the icon showing?