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    VSE 8.0i Managed by ePO to Standalone

      We have some workstations that were once part of the network with McAfee managed via the ePO. These are now standalone units moved to remote sites. Each remote workstation has an Internet connection.

      The question is, What is the best way to convert the McAfee VSE 8.0i installation to self management, meaning, autoupdate schedules based on updates directly from the McAfee FTP or HTTP site?

      For some reason, we find that some workstations continue to look for the ePO for updates even though we loaded the new siteslist.xml file " frminst.exe /install=agent /siteinfo=c:\sitelist.xml"

      Any thoughts? I realize that it is probably something that we've just overlooked.

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          We do it all the time.. Simply access each computer manually and remove the ePO repository from the repository list...or UNCHECK it.. Open the VirusScan console from the icon in the system try, then click on "Tools" in the upper left, choose "Edit AutoUpdate Repository List". When that opens, in the "Repositories" tab, delete or UNCHECK the ePO repository tab and make sure both the "Http" and "FTP' repositories have a CHECK mark.. Save your changes and make sure the scheduling is enabled and correct by double clicking on the "Autoupdate" listing, then click on the "Schedule" button and set the schedule correct.

          Hope this helps.

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            Easier than thought. Knew it was a simple oversight. Don't know why we felt it necessary to reload the agent with different parameters. Will try that next.