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    Windows XP SP3 PCs won't boot - Total Protection 2011



      I've just installed McAfee Total Protection on two XP SP3 PC's and have got the same problem with both. The installation went fine on both machines but now, neither of them will boot up!


      When I try to boot, I get the black windows XP screen with the blue progress bar, and then the screen goes black and nothing else happens. The disc light doesn't flash, I don't see a cursor or anything like that. Both computers simply freeze.


      The only way round this is to manually switch both machines off and on again and then select "Boot up using last known good configuration" or "Safe Mode" when prompted.


      It's too much of a coincidence for both machines to develop the same problem straight after installing TP 2011 - so it must be something that TP has deleted, changed or whatever...


      Any ideas how to sort this out, please? Unfortunately, I don't have XP discs for either machine with me so I can't go down that route, I'm afraid...


      Many thanks!

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          Have you downloaded the latest Microsoft updates for XP, including the optional ones?


          Check that your PCs meet the minimum system requirements -

          Antivirus Firewall Software, Spam Filters, Spyware - McAfee Total Protection 2011.png


          Boot up using Safe Mode or Last Good Configuration (whichever) and download and run MVT to check that your installation of Total Protection isn't somehow corrupted.


          There is a document at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308041 ("Advanced troubleshooting for general startup problems in Windows XP") which gives advice on what to do in this situation.


          Other useful guides are at

          http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/helpcentre/troubleshooting/winxp/  ("Fixing Windows XP System and Startup Problems")

          http://www.techrepublic.com/article/10-things-you-can-do-when-windows-xp-wont-bo ot/6031733 ("10 things you can do when Windows XP won't boot")

          http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/window-on-windows/diagnose-boot-problems-in-win dows-xp-using-msconfig/1191 ("Diagnose boot problems in Windows XP using MSCONFIG")

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            In case above not applicable


            Are they Dells? If not ignore that query.


            In safe mode check the event viewer as to whether it has any Windows file protection errors present.


            Right click MY Computer and choose manage then choose event viewer

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              Hi Tony


              Many thanks for your reply - I really appreciate you taking the time to help out.


              In answer to your first query - one is a Dell (Vostro 200 Desktop) the other is a Sony Vaio (FS VGN-FS115Z laptop).


              Both have exactly the same problem, if I boot up using the Last Good Config, then I can boot up into Windows. However, if I don't press F8 on boot up or don't select Safe Mode, Last Good Config etc, then the current config just freezes. The screen goes black and nothing further happens.


              However, even if I boot up OK (using the Last Good Config) and shut down normally, then I still have the same problem. Neither machine will boot up - so in other words, neither machine is overwriting the current (i.e. non-working) config with the Last Good (i.e. working) config on shut down - if that makes any sense at all!


              I've tried looking at the event viewer. In the system log, I've noticed that both machines have exactly the same error:



              The server {3A185DDE-E020-4985-A8F2-E27CDC4A0F3A} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.


              I have no idea what this means, but I'll see if my friend Google can help me out! It appears several times in the logs on both machines, so fingers crossed you might have put me on to the solution....


              I'll post back with what I can find.


              Thanks, once again,


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                The DCOM 10010 message is currently being discussed in this thread. It doesn't seem to be significant, but if you follow the instructions given there for examining the registry entry and the program in the string is not mcagent.exe then it might be.

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                  Hi Hayton


                  Apologies - I should have extended my thanks to you too, in my earlier reply. Your help is very much appreciated.


                  I did all the checks mentioned in your message - but nothing changed. The PC's still wouldn't boot up, unless I selected "Last Known Good" or "Safe Mode". So I hit Google on this site and others - and found the words "McAffee Total Protection" and my Error cropping up in the same posts far too often for me to be comfortable.


                  So I uninstalled McAfee, then did a reg clean (using CC Cleaner) and no prizes for guessing that both machines booted up first time without any problems at all. And they have continued to boot up without any problems - even after installing an alternative AV product.


                  I've spent the best part of a day trying to get this sorted - let alone the money spent buying McAfee in the first place - and I'm pretty angry, to be honest, that I've wasted both my time and my money doing so. I won't be using McAfee again - that's for sure. I'm not going to spend time and effort sorting out software that should install first time, every time. It's hardly as if XP is a new OS - and the fact that I had problems with 2 XP installations is far too much of a coincidence, IMHO.


                  Thanks, once again, for your help.