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    Super Agents...whats going on


      Hi All,


      I am getting confused as to what super agents are supposed to do. My interpretation is that they have been designed to be held on different sites to where the server is deployed, negating the need to install physical servers at different sites. The super agent then holds all required updates and feeds them through to the clients at their particular site. Is this a true reflection of what these are designed to do?


      If so i think we have a problem. I have one main site where the physical server is held and 7 different superagents which are sites some distance away from where the physical server resides (a fair number of miles in this case). I have noticed that the 7 different sites should be pulling from their own repository but they dont. They seem to be pulling from the main site which generates a lot of traffic across the network.


      All the super agents have been enabled but when i run an update on the clients they still want to pull from the main site. Please could someone advise.


      Thanks very much in advance.




      Peter Flint.

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