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    ePO Log on failure/error

      Hi everyone,


      I have encounter a lot of errors on "log on" menu of ePO. My domain server change the password every 15 days and I think that's the cause why I am having a problem connecting to the database and fail to enter the ePO. Is there a long term solution for this one? Is there an option, setup or configuration that ePO can adjust or set the database automatically whenever the server changes its password? Or if its not possible, what is the best practice should I do? I am using vmware with OS windows 2008 r2 64bit and ePO 4.5.


      Thanks in advance.


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          This sounds like exactly your problem. Unfortunately there is no automated solution - you will have to manually reset the password every time it is changed.


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            Yes, it can be manually reset the password but now I already have another solution for this. I just called mcafee support and they suggests that it is best to use the SQL authentication rather than windows authentication on your database server. To do this, you have to install the SQL management studio on your SQL database. Create a user and password and provide a permission as a "sysadmin", enable the user and save. You must also authenticate your SQL to use both "Windows and SQL authentication". Then edit the authentication of your ePO database with your SQL authentication created account by entering the https://localhost:8443/core/config. Test the connection. If its succesful apply the settings and restart the ePO services.


            After performing these steps, my ePO is now working smoothly even the password of the server change.


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              Well, yes, but remember that if the password for the SQL account changes, you'll still have to manually change the password in ePO


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