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    Using WCCP to forward Streaming Media Ports and Protocol



      We are in the process of implementing the Web Gateway via WCCP replacing a certain proxy solution and have a question regarding how to configure the Web Gateway to handle Streaming Media Protocols like 1755 and 554.


      Can you use the Helix Proxy solution with 7.1.5 to proxy Streaming Media Protocols: 1755 and 554. Right now this something that is starting to become an headache trying to find out if the Web Gateway in WCCP mode can handle Streaming Media without breaking any end-user streaming sessions. Please advise.

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          the eassiest to considre not using any native streaming protocols, but to embedd the traffic into HTTP, which can be done in the players. They offer settings to tunnel the data via HTTP. This reduces the complexity, as all goes over the proxy and you don't need other services. For helix, this is just in case you require additional services. Here you should set the client to use multicast and setup helix respectively. But as said, the best is to use http to transport the streams.




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            Thanks for the follow-up. The only issue is that my network team is using certain WAN Opt devices to handle internal streaming and probably will need to keep the native protocols (Netshow and Real Time Streaming Protocol) in the WCCP group. So you are saying if I can embed the streaming traffic into HTTP should fix my issue?


            Also,  far as the word (Players) what do you mean by that as offer settings to the data via HTTP. So in other words, in the WCCP service group we can still forward certain ports to the gateways like: 80,443,1755, and 554 and have the Gateway to Tunnel (1755 and 554) traffic via HTTP. If this can be done, please advise on how to do this if this correct.


            Thanks a million for the assistance.