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    buffer overflow

      Every time I start up my computer (WinXP) I get the message from McAfee (VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.0i) of a buffer overflow in:
      "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe:KERNEL32.GetProcAddress"
      Subsequently, rundll.exe (from c:\windows\system32\) tries to access the Internet.

      There are no problems besides that the computer because of this starts up slowly.
      What can/should I do about this?

      In the exclusions for a buffer overflow in McAfee two programs are mentioned: wmplayer.exe and explorer.exe. Is there a danger in adding iexplore.exe to this list?

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        • 1. Anyone?
          Is there, please, anyone with some help? It's really annoying how slow my computer now starts up.
          Thnx in advance!
          • 2. RE: Anyone?
            It is very dangerous if you added iexplore.Exe to the exception.
            I guess your ie may infected by some virus.
            Make sure you Xpnull is ready updated to sp3.And Vse's virus dat is latest.Then make a full scan.
            • 3. RE: Anyone?
              This usually shows up on unpatched versions of VSE 8.5 what patch level is your at? (and also is it centrally managed from an EPo server)
              • 4. RE: Anyone?
                It is not centrally managed (it's installed on a stand-alone desktop computer).

                It has indeed no patches installed. How do patches work and what are they? Can I somewhere download them?
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                  you can only get them from whichever support contracted central authority provided your virusscan software, or if you were that authority and had a valid support account you could have logged into the corporate support portal and downloaded it. (although actually VSE patch 5 is available with a valid grant number from central downloads as its the latest package version now, but still you would need a valid support grant number)
                  • 6. RE: Anyone?
                    Thanks, I will ask my employer about the patches