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    Issue - on-Access Scan disabled



      I am new to this forum, so apologies in advance if I am talking rubbish.


      It appears that my corporate machine was infected with some virus thismorning that runs McAfee Anti virus -The Anti virus console indicated that"IDS_DISABLED_OAP_TOOLTIP".


      The remote ID desktop tried to repair the software - since the repairthe issue has changed to Issue- "on-access scan disabled" -Every time i try to run a manual scan it states that the DAT files are missing or corrupt. Reinstall the product"


      The IT team have suggested that they will re-image the machine to which i amreluctant to do due to the work involved in backing up and restoring.


      I spent last 3 hours trying out all options and ideas from prev discussionon various forums in vain - I have also tried downloading the DAT file andrunning it but in vain..



      Any ideas, or thoughts please?



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          You could check to make sure no McAfee services were disabled witin windows services.


          Alternativly I would imagine an uninstall and reinstall of VSE would be a lot less bother than reimaging the PC.  Had to do this myself recently, the repair option did not fix the problem but an uninstall and reinstall of VSE did.


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