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    W32/Blaster.worm and Secrity Protection Virus

      Despite having a fully up to date version of McAfee Internet Security I have a virus that has not been cleared despite running a full can 6 or 7 times.


      Sometimes when I run the scan it says it has dealt with various viruses and trojans.  Other times it says it is all clear but the warning boxes still appear and when I run the scan again it clears more viruses.  I have disconnected the internet connection in case any of my files or data are compromised.


      There is an icon on the desk top called Security Protection (which I am sure is a rogue programme fro Heaventools Software).  When I had the initial indication that there was a virus I ran the virus guard and deleted it.  It has since come back and is now impossible to delete.  It is this which is putting up error messages about the W32/Blaster.worm and in preventing executable files from working.


      I am at a loss as what to do next as i thought the virus guard would stop this happening or at least clear it up if the stem were to be compromised.


      I have had McAfee installed on the infected machine for 5 years and have had no problems to date so I know this must be an unusual issue.


      Not sure how it got in as not used any different websites recently or open any attachments that I did not expect to be getting.


      Any ideas gratefully received.