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    Need help, plz.

      Dont know if this is the right place, but i have serious problems with my Antivirus plus. I use Chrome as browser and it crashes once at least a day, when playing in Facebooks games like Cityville etc.

      As i understand it, Adobe shockwave flash is in the browser but seems like McAfee antivirus plus doesnt approve of it, but jams whole comp, i have to boot comp and restart it, and not even once is enough, but repeatedly.

      When i click off McAfee, all works as it should, no crashing, no booting and restarting..? What is this and why is these programs not compatible with Mc Afee?

      I have still almost a year of subscription left and id like the product work since ive paid for it.

      If this issue cant be repaired i have to get another antivirusprogram, gets on my nerves at this point, been fighting with this now for 3 months.