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    Protection - computer at risk message

      At about 3am message 'your computer at risk' pops up. My windows vista updates and mcafee updatesare current. Turning on protection works for about 10 seconds and then turns off. Eventually It stays on. Fault probably due to many process being run, cache size low, system slow causing a delay in accessing data files.


      I am keeping an eye on it. happened on last two nights.

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          What is the actual message in full? Post PC specs please and Operating system and service pack.


          Try a manual update and themn what it says here


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            My PC is a laptop Acer 6930G

            3Gb Ram - 250 GB Hard drive

            Windows Vista Home Premium SP2

            Attached 3TB of USB Hard disks - HP Printer - Mouse

            Netgear Wireless Router wireless connection.


            The system is sometimes so slow during full virus scan that, for example,  on loading Windows mail it shows 'not responding' - until it does.

            Apart from full updates I have now run 'disk maintenance' and deleted its suggested data. I had 832 Mb of temporary files and prior to tidy up I only had 8Gb of free space on a 120 GB C drive.  Data swaps due to 'hard faults' were frequent and I had a 6GB cache.


            The computer at risk message showed. Turned on protection and it said protected. But after a few seconds the at risk message appeared again. I repeated actions about six times until the secure message stayed on.


            Since reducing active programs and open web pages, disk tidy up etc the event has not recurred. I also had a number of blue screens and now believe that the problem was system congestion causing time-outs in the various waits in the programmes.     Maybe - scanning a large file with hits coming in for open web pages and mail caused the at risk message..

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              What cpu?

              I assume you have 2011 version ie the 1 with about on top right of opening screen. If so you can exclude files and folders you know are safe from custom and scheduled scans so scans can be faster. I exclude all the windows 7 backup zip files and avi folders.