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    Users stuck in authentication TTL


      Web Gateway


      We use transparent authentication and have our TTL set to 10 hours.  So, our users authenticate once in the morning and that is it all day.


      If a user signs onto a computer in the morning with one domain account, uses the web, signs out of that computer, then signs into the same computer with another domain name, the first domain name still shows up in the gateway logs for 10 hours. 


      This causes issues for users with special access to certain sites.  If someone logs into their computer first thing in the morning and uses the web, their user name gets stuck in the web gateway all day. The second person to log on the same computer never gets registered and is using the first persons domain name all day.


      This seems like a bug to me. This also does not provide acurate logs in the Web Reporter.


      Any ideas?

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