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    general question re VirusScan Enterprise

      Since my wife works at a university where she can buy discounted educational versions of software, she ordered the VirusScan Enterprise for her laptop.

      We only bought this because of the price - very cheap with educational discount.

      My questions, is the extended subscription price prohibitive (since I believe this is a 'business type' product) .... and was this an acceptable choice for a laptop?

      (I would have bought the Security Center but the price of the VirusScan Enterprise was very cheap.)

      Thanks, DH

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          I cant answer you question about price, I'm not even sure if you can buy a single user subscription? Maybe the people that sold you the product could answer your questions about the subscription.

          I can confirm that it is a suitable choice for a laptop, we have it on 30 or 40 (a long with a few 100 desktops and servers).

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            One thing...

            Virusscan Enterprise is just that a virus scanner it does not include firewall or antispyware tools like the security centre consumer version does (but then the consumer version is bloatware like all the major AV companies ones).

            I admit to using VSE at home (as its my job and its free from my work as is my Mcafee firewall software) but for a consumer I would not recommend it.

            If you are worried about price then just use Avast free or AVG free with a free firewall from zone alarm and some free antispyware from MS defender/superantispyware/spybot search and destroy on the side.
            The resouce use will be lower than security centre consumer software.

            You will NOT get the best protection or the most effficient use of resources running VSE on a comsumer laptop.
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              Thanks guys for the replies.

              The computer in question is my wife's laptop and she was using AVG but then I rec'd a message that as of 1 June (or 31 May) we would have to pay.

              The version of VirusScan is 8.5 and from what I understand there is no technical support. While her laptop has access to our router, it's not a network connection per se. (I hope I explained that accurately.)

              Windows Vista has a free built in FireWall and Google has a PopUp blocker so the basics are covered.

              FWIW, I paid € 12.50 or thereabouts for this product. It only has a one year life and at the end of the year I'll buy something else. I'm not thrilled with the product but that could be because it's new to me and different than Security Center.

              If I have more questions, I'll be back. Thanks, DH
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                I do have a question. When I click on the system tray icon for this program I see the On-Access Scan Statistics window and it is constantly scanning files. Is this correct, that it is always scanning?

                I also noticed that when it was first installed and I scanned the computer, I kept seeing what looked like the same files being scanned and the file count was definitely much greater than the number of files on this computer. It was as though it was in a loop and continuously scanning the same files over and over again and the number count kept increasing.
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                  Yes, that's EXACTLY what the "On-Access" scanner is supposed to do.. Running in the background, it scans the computer for files that have been downloaded/saved, executed, or opened.. If it's virus/worm, it should be detected.

                  In addition, the files scanned isthe number of "items" it's actually scanned, not necessary the number of "files". For example, some of the CAB files or .zip files will contain large number of internal items.. Each of those is listed as a separate file scanned even though that's not really the case.. And in many cases, the same CAB or .zip file may reside in multiple folders on the computer, such as the C:\I386 directory and the "ServicePackFiles" directory within Windows.

                  Each antivirus/antispyware tool counts the number of scanned files differently so you'll frequently see a different number for each tool.

                  Hope this helps.

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                    I am not sure if vse is suitable for you.
                    Maybe you need a simple antivirus software but not complicated.(i think vse is difficult for you)
                    there is no doubt that vse is powerful, but you need to make rules.