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    reboot after update

      Why do I need to reboot after many of the updates?  This is a pain and I would prefer to not need to do this.


      Also how soon for the tool to remove the online back up part of McAfee?

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          May I know the name of McAfee products are you using?

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            McAfee internet security 3 liscense.

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              I'm often told to reboot after updates because the McAfee update server apparently thinks an update is available for McAfee Security Center (MSC). I'm running McAfee AntiVirus Plus. Current build is 11.0.578, which was just updated to 8/25/11. The update server has been doing this to me since the whole version 11.0/WFP issue started.


              The following quote was taken from my mcupdmgr log file in the Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\MCLOGS\MISP\mcupdmgr folder. It's requesting data from the server and the result a second later is this:


              08/30/2011 10:38:53 PM$ -- (Information)$ [   mcupdmgr.exe]$ The response data is Status=0





              08/30/2011 10:38:53 PM$ -- (Information)$ [   mcupdmgr.exe]$ An update is available for the following application: msc

              08/30/2011 10:38:53 PM$ -- (Information)$ [   mcupdmgr.exe]$ The app (msc) has been added to the update queue.


              That means I'll have to reboot on my next update due to an MSC update. One interesting thing is in the lines containing the update request data (file names and versions) after that ping url, the last line of it shows "BuildNumber=11.0.578" which is what I have.


              Anyway, just confirming GWE isn't alone in this. I'm pretty sure I've seen others report similar issues. It's an inconvenience more than anything, but in my case it leads to other issues associated with the Windows File Protection forum topic.


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