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    risky connection blocked?

      hello everyone


      recently i was browing a website ive surfed for many years on my new comp when netguard pops up with an alert telling me that risky connection to ip address has been blocked.


      ive seen this sort of thing pop up before around the net but its the first time its happened to me and especially on a site ive gone to for ages.


      so ive scanned my comp with mcafee and other antivirus and spyware products (spy bot search and destroy malwarebytes etc) and they turn up nothing.


      can anyone clue me in onto what is happening and should i be worried about it?


      It should also be noted that I used Adblock and Noscript due to a bad experience in the past were a pop under ad uploaded a virus to my comp without me clicking the ad in the first place.


      From other enquires some people seem to think that its the sites fault for having ads hosted on a bad server but doesnt neccessarily mean the ads are malicious.


      can anyone help set my mind at ease?


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