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    Installtion help for 8.5I Viruscan Enterprise

      Hi, I need some help installing Viruscan 8.5I for my windows 2008 network. Ours is a brand new network and has 4 other memeber servers in the domain. I have SQL,Exchange 2007 and TS WEB server and a DC. I am kind a confused about epo.4.0 and the installation procedure for 8.5I. Any instructions and help will be highly appreciated.

      Neil S
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          Check in the version of VSE 8.5 you want to deploy
          Create policies in the policy catalogue for items like sql exceptions esxchange exceptions etc (search mcafee and microsoft knowledgebases for these)
          Find the Mcafe agent deployment task in the systems/system tree/client tasks
          Set the task to install VSE

          Target : windows
          Product: VSE 8.5/lang neutral/current branch
          Tick box to apply at every policy interval
          Enable task
          run immediately
          give it a time out of an hour to make sure it stops if hung

          apply policies to relevant agents
          apply task to relevant agents
          wake them up

          sit back and monitor the agent comm port in a http://%agentname%:port
          watch VSE install and update