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    IP filter rule triggering "=IP Filter: All NAT ports in use


      We have a IP Filter rule that is triggering the following in audit logs


      Aug 29 14:42:28 2011 EDT f_kernel_ipfilter a_general_area t_info p_major

      pid: 0 ruid: 0 euid: 0 pgid: 0 logid: 0 cmd: 'kernel'

      domain: (null) edomain: (null) hostname: xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.com

      rule_name: Rule-069 srcip: Internal IP srcport: 2327

      dstip: External IP dstport: 443 protocol: 6

      =IP Filter: All NAT ports in use


      The rule is simple allowing 4 ports from internal to a NAT'd cluster IP on the outbound interface, also there are other rules that do

      the same kind of NATing.


      It is cause some host not to connect to internet.


      Anyone see this issue before?