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    EEPC 6.1.1 MfeEpe.log client log user account details

      I have EPO 4.6 with EEPC 6.1.1 installed and running in a test environment as we are currently testing the software and plan on upgrading from EEM managed 5.25


      I have a question specifically about the content contained in the local client MfeEpe.log file under the EpoPlugin userHandler it displays the GUID of the user account that has been added/updated to the machine.


      Is there a way to add the SAMACCOUNTNAME or the actual username to the log so you can tell which user is being updated? I have played around with EPO LDAP sync settings and can get it to display the OBJECTGUID in the Encryption Users screen. But this is not ideal trying to compare a 32 character HEX number from the log file to AD or the EPO console.


      I have "Enable detailed logging" enable in the McAfee Agent policy.


      In a future release of EEPC 6 are you working on putting more details into the MfeEpe.log file similar to the level of details we can receive from the 5.2x client when we click on Show Status - Syncronize from the client side?


      Thank you.


      Current Log file details show the GUID but not the actual username or samaccountname:

      2011-08-29 14:21:05,931 INFO    EpoPlugin             userHandler: local user (8EF9EE1CB016F040A180C29442F5357B) added to policy store (default UBP).

      2011-08-29 14:21:05,931 INFO    EpoPlugin             userHandler: local user (6ADB2E67F1DC9D4DA87A598B1A96B5B4) already assigned.


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