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    No "Last Available" information in EPO 4.6 "McAfee Labs Threat Advisory"




      I just installed a new fresh EPO 4.6 server for testing. The current base OS is MS Server 2008 with all service packes installed. I also installed the SQL server 2005 express that comes with the EPO 4.6. I installed the current EPO 4.6 build 1029 version and the current agent 4.6 for Windows and VSE 8.8 module including the extensions. The internet connection is configured over a proxy server. The repository update works without problems. The internet connection also works without problems and the site http://myavert.avertlabs.com:8801/ is reachable. But the "Last Available" information in EPO 4.6 "McAfee Labs Threat Advisory" shows "No Information available". The DAT version in "My Repository" shows the current version 6452.0000 for today. I configured the "McAfee Labs Security Threats" to update all 5 minutes. And in "McAfee Labs Threat Advisory" I read the information "The latest McAfee Labs information was not successfully retrieved" 3 minutes ago. I also restarted the server but no success.


      I just see this information:




      I have seen some "McAfee Labs Security Threats" directly after the installation and proxy configuration setting. Then I marked the threats as "read". Then the discribed problem apperared.


      The EpoApSvr.log shows the following:




      Whats the problem regarding the "Latest Available" tab?


      Thanks and best regards from Germany,