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    UNABLE to give feedback from the beta site. Tired, irritated and angry and thus posting it here.




      I have been seeing a lot of memory usage by the SaaS product ever since the Patch 3 has been rolled out. The scanner just running in the background without doing any scans takes upwards of 60MB RAM (mscshield.exe).


      I also noticed that it takes longer this time around for the scans to finish.


      I have pointed this out earlier also :-


      1} Please include an UPDATE button in the ACTION MENU also so that the user, once in the console has the option of updating verily from there and not necessarily from the tray icon.


      2} The Security Centre reporting is still in shambles. EVen when the PCs are up to date with all the DATs, the Security Centre just keeps flagging off that they are not.


      Workaround :- Instead of collecting the .xml files after 2 hours from the update and then sending it after another hour may be CHANGED to IMMEDIATELY or AFTER 5 mins after the update so that the UPLOAD process begins immediately after the DOWNLOAD ( update) process and the Security Centre is kept as up to date as possible.


      3} PLEASE include the option of a QUICK SCAN. It can be a life saver in case of emergency. Cant get tired of emphasizing it.


      4} Also, it is ridiculous to see how the AV kicks into the scan even without bothering to check whether it has the latest updates. my STRONG suggestion is to have the AV FORCE an update BEFORE the scheduled scans automatically. For ex:- If I schedule a scan at 1.00 AM , PLEASE have the software FORCE AN UPDATE at 1.00 and THEN start with the scan. This way, the scan will be more meaningful and worthy as it will have the latest definitions.


      5} One last but not the least request. PLEASE PLEASe n PLEASE include the release notes of any patch/version being rolled out so that the beta tester is notified as to what to expect and what to check and help you with the feedback.



      Hope to hear from you guys soon.