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    Internet Security Virus Scan stops responding during full scan

      I have a Dell Dimension Inspiron 530S, running Windows XP SP3, with McAfee Internet Security (11.0.578)/McAfee Virus Scan (15.0.291).  I have the computer scheduled to run a full scan every week and in the past the scan would take ~3 hours.  Now I'm lucky if the scan completes in a day.  During the last scan, I pulled up Task Manager to check the usage; the scan was not pulling more than 2% of the CPU and a fraction of the memory.  Confused, I checked on it's status under the "Applications" tab only to notice that the process stopped responding with every file.  More clearly, it would start scanning a file, hang, resume, move to the next file, hang, resume, etc.  I would imagine this is why my scans are taking so long now.  I have no problems with the updater, firewall, quick scans, or any other McAfee program.  Some help/advice would be very helpful.