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    Can't turn on Firewall?

      Here at work we have the McAfee Security-as-a-Service.  For some reason I noticed that my Firewall Protection is disabled.  It wasn't a few days ago. 


      I have selected the Fix button and nothing happens.


      I have opened the Console, Opened Protection Details


      and see that the Firewall Protection is Disabled.


      I select Enable and nothing happens.


      The Engine version:  0


      Any ideas on how to turn this back on?


      Thank you!

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          Peter M

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            Please follow the given instructions to get this issue resolved.


            Click on Start --> Click "Run" --> type "Services.msc" --> restart all the services of McAfee installed in your computer.


            Run a manual update and let me know the status.


            If you receive any error message while restarting the service, Please make a note of it.


            Please do let me know the DAT version and firewall version installed in your computer.


            To see the DAT version.


            Right click on the M-icon --> select Open console --> select Action menu --> select Product details.





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              Same problem here - your suggestions unfortunately didn't help (restarted all McAfee services, firewall was not in service list).


              DAT-Version: 6496

              Firewall-Version: 0


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                In your post you mentioned that, the McAfee firewall is disabled. Also you mentioned that you tried to restart all the services but firewall service is not in the serivces list. Please let me know the following information in order to help you further with this issue.


                1.  OS Version

                2.  Whether the Windows firewall is turned On or OFF in your computer?




                Geetha P

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                  Thanks for getting back on this.


                  I have tested on Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit versions with Windows firewall OFF.


                  The laptops had McAfee Internet Security pre-installed which I uninstalled and cleared with MCPR.exe.


                  UPDATE: Just tested on a virtual machine Windows 7, everything is working fine there so licence and installation are ok.


                  on 12.10.11 02:43:57 GMT-06:00
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                    In your post you have updated that in the Virtual Machine everything works fine. Do you have the same issue, in any other computers ? Please let me know whether you need any further assistance regarding this issue. We are very glad to help you.



                    Geetha P

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                      Hi Geetha, thank you very much for your help.


                      I have tested on three Acer TravelMate 5742 laptops (bought in UK) we have here in the office - all of them came with McAfee Internet Security preloaded which I uninstalled as described above. Haven't tested at other computers as we only have this model available.

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                        Thank you so much for the update.


                        Please let us know if you have any issues with McAfee in future with any other computers. We are always here to help you.


                        Have a great day !!



                        Geetha P

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                          Well at the moment I only have troubles with these Acer laptops. Any idea how I can fix this?


                          Could there be any other remainders of the Internet Security installation blocking the enabling of the firewall that have not been removed by the MCPR?

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