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    What help are Mcafee technical support providing?

      I had Mcafee for a year and on the two occasions I had problems the technical support were damn good and sorted it out. Since renewal a couple of months ago my pc slowed down and despite 3 contacts with technical assistance all they did was refer me to the virus removal team who charge £50 to clean any viruses. They never checked anything to establish a virus and having employed Mcafee security scan plus and malwarebytes, there's no evidence my pc has any virus.

      I have a Internet security pop up each time I open an internet page:

      this programme will open outside of Protected mode. Internet Explorer's Protected mode helps protect your computer. If you do not trust this website do not open the programme.

      Name: Windows host process (Rundll32)

      Publisher: Microsoft Windows


      It has allow or disallow buttons and details from a drop down are as follows:



      I have not allowed this becuase I am not sure if it's genuine.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Could you please let us know if you have McAfee Security scan Plus or McAfee Total Protection / Internet security suite. ? Both being two different programs for different purposes

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            Mcafee Internet security and Mcafee Security Scan Plus.

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              That 'apppathusb' intrigues me, do you have a USB drive plugged in?  Also that process appears to be something to do with MSN/Microsoft so is most likely genuine.


              If you contact support regarding possible malware then of course they will steer you to the paid virus removal service.


              This question is really more suited to a  Windows Support Forum but in my humble opinion it might be in your interest to run that item past VirusTotal to get the opinions of various antivirus engines.


              Their website appears to be down at the moment however so maybe download, update (important) and run a scan using the free version of this software.

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                By the way, what is your operating system and service pack, also what version of Internet Explorer are you running, regardless of your default browser choice?


                You should uninstall McAfee SecurityScanPlus as it is merely an advertising gimmick to get people to buy McAfee software, which you already have.  It comes often as an optional download with other products such as Adobe - anything.


                Uninstall it via Control Panel/Programs/Uninstall a Program in the normal manner.


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                  Ok, I'm a dumb blonde so please keep it simple.

                  I contacted technical support because my pc was running slow. No mention of malware virus etc. I tols them about the Rundll pop up but said I did think it started some time after my pc began running ultra slow.

                  They did NO checks whatsover and just referred me to the virus removal team but suggested i run a scan using Security Scan Plus.

                  I did this but no difference. I also ran Malwarebytes but no difference


                  This pop up comes up everytime I open a webpage so I click on 'do not allow' because I don't know if it's genuine. I have looked in task manager and there are three instances with the same name running, as follows:

                  Image Name: rundll32.exe, User Name: SYSTEM, CPU: 00, Memory (Private Working Set): 208K, Description: Windows host process Rundll32

                  The next one is exactly the same except the user name is my own and Memory (Private Working Set) is higher at 2,920k

                  The third one is exactly the same except the user name is my own and Memory (Private Working Set) is 184K

                  When I click on properties then file location they all go to one application of rundll32 in the C drive.

                  As suggested by another user, I ran Stinger today and still no difference. PC is slow and pop up still there.

                  My pc is Packard Bell and I am on Vista.

                  As you can tell my knowledge is very very limited so any help needs to be in an idiot's guide format.


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                    I'm almost bald and have my dumb moments so don't worry, you aren't alone.  ;-)   Everyone started out with computers very green at some stage or other.


                    I trust that Vista is up to date, i.e. SP2 and with all the updates since?   If not then there is help with that HERE.  You can check for those details by right-clicking Computer on your desktop or in the Start/All Programs menu and selecting Properties.


                    I think it is possible that your McAfee software has become corrupted somehow.  It happens.


                    Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program and uninstall first of all McAfee Security Scan Plus if not already done, followed by McAfee SecurityCenter.


                    It shouldn't ask for a reboot at that point but if it does, do so immediately.


                    Then run the MCPR cleanup tool listed under Useful Links at the top of this page.


                    Reboot and then reinstall the Internet Security software only, from your online account.


                    Hope that helps sort things out for you.


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