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    Security Protection Virus

      I just installed McAfee one week ago and I now have a virus. How come McAfee isn't seeing it and how do I get rid of it?

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          Hi ynotskatetoday & welcome to the McAfee Community Forums!




               Sorry to hear you have a virus problem.   The unfortunate reality is there are no antivirus products on the market which will catch every single piece of malware 100% of the time.  There are new variants being churned out every day by the cretins who delight in creating such malicious malware.  Also, the major AV software providers concentrate on detecting viruses primarily. As such, security software providers tend to be a step behind the malware-creators.

          The AV developers depend a lot upon computer users to alert them to new malware that is showing up.



          It is also  frequently recommended to have an antimalware program, such as, Malwarebytes on your computer which are quite good at detecting malware not always picked up by your AV software.





          In the interim, would you please be so kind as to provide the additional information (shown below) so that our other experienced forum members & moderators can better assist you?





          - What is your computer's operating system

          - What McAfee Security product AND version are you currently using?

          - Are you using any other security products on your computer, such as, Malwarebytes, SuperAntispyware, etc?




          Thank you!




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            Windows Vista

            McAfee internet security 2011, downloaded a week ago don't know the version.

            I had malwarebytes but had to uninstall it when I loaded McAfee.

            I just started in safe mode on my pc and am running a scan as we speak because it did not detect it previously. I tried to download a spyware program but it said it would not run with McAfee and I had to uninstall McAfee. So...I am trying this but it is 59% done and all it detected so far was a tracking cookie. If it doesn't work, I guess I will uninstall McAfee and try the spyware.

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              Hi again!


                   Did you have the FREE version of Malwarebytes or the PAID version (i.e. MBAM Pro)?


              The FREE version (which does not have real-time scanning) can be used with McAfee with no problems.  If your current scanning is unhelpful, please download the FREE version of Malwarebytes and run a full scan with it.


              Also, please provide as much information about the type of malware infection you have as you can [symptoms, popups, etc].  (This is helpful in better identifying it).


              (The particular version of your McAfee software can be found in the Security Center).


              Thanks very much again!


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                What was the name of the virus (or whatever it was) and how did you find out your PC was infected with it - McAfee obviously didn't detect it ("McAfee isn't seeing it")?


                Malwarebytes by the way isn't good at cleaning viruses. They leave that job to the AV vendors. And the free version of Malwarebytes runs (or should run) fine alongside McAfee since it's just an on-demand scan. I have it and use it (often) but it's not a replacement for McAfee, it's a secondary cleaner for the lesser problems that McAfee overlooks or doesn't automatically get rid of.

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                  Hayton wrote:

                  What was the name of the virus




                  Read the subject line before putting foot in mouth. Sorry.


                  BleepingComputer have a removal guide HERE. This is just another fake AntiVirus program -

                  Security Protection is a rogue anti-spyware program from the same family as Malware Protection. This rogue displays false scan results in order to trick you into thinking that your computer is infected. When this infection is installed on your computer it will be configured to start automatically. Once started it will scan your computer and list numerous infections, but if you attempt to remove any of these so-called infections it will state that you first need to purchase the program in order to remove anything.


                  I'll move this thread to Top Threats, where the fake AV discussions are. If this is a new variant of an existing family (as BleepingComputer say it is) we can add its details to the database for detection by the FakeAlert Stinger, which you are welcome to try out. It's intended to be an alternative to Malwarebytes, even if not an absolute replacement.

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                    Moved to Top Threats.

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                      Malwarebytes has to be removed to install Mcafee then you can reinstall it (the free 1 that is).

                      Fake alert stinger is here



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                        What if you can't even get explore to open in order to download the fakealert stinger?  We have McAffee on the home computer and currently have the Security Protection malware flashing all over it.  Can't open explorer at all. So how do we fix it?

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                          Try booting into 'Safe Mode with Networking' which can give you internet access in Safe Mode.  Tap F8 repeatedly while booting up and it's usually number 2 on the ensuing menu.


                          In that mode Malwarebytes Free will download, update (which is important to do) and run a complete scan.


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