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    Error Message: Updates not installed

      I keep getting the above error message along with "Cab installer object.  Agent service not working".  Until recently I did not have this problem.  Any ideas on what might have caused the updates to stop installing?  I have checked the firewall.  I can scan the computer, just not get updates.  I am running XP Pro.  Thanks.

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            Hi decarlevato,

            Could you please let us know some of the below information ;


            What is the operating system installed ?
            Did you have / Do you currently have any other  security software in the PC ?

            Do you received any alerts in the computer while going online .

            How is the computer connected to internet  ? DSL/Wireless/Cable

            Can you post us with the screenshot of the said error message .





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              Operating System is XP Pro

              No other security software is running

              No alerts appear on the screen

              DSL Connection

              I can't post a screenshot but  the error message is:  "The last automatic update did not complete successfully"  It appears when you place the mouse arrow over the red McAfee shield in the system tray.


              When I open the console the Security Center Communication is red with an update failure notice.  The troubleshooting tips do not help.