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    Enterprise 8.5i and server hangs

      I have a Dell PE1800 for a small doctor office. I have SonicWall VPN200 and a Pro2040. The issue I have is that when the McAfee Enterprise 8.5i patch5 is active and scanning I will get intermingling server hangs, I mean everything just hangs and then will come back and catch up.

      Server is a 1 processor, with 2G RAM. I have moved the paging file from c: to another drive and increased size. I have patched all Windows SB server 2003 patches, Dell drivers and patches, McAfee Enterprise 8.5i to patch 5.

      When I go in and disable all active options in 8.5i, scanning etc. then things seems to have resolved them selves.

      Any clues other than buy them a new server or upgrade this one? I just took over this office for support and the last person just sold them a ball of goodes by upgrading to 2G form 1G and charge them 1000.00. So I am concerned that going right in and saying you again need more memory in a 4 year old server or to say you new a new server when this one was working is going to be tricky.

      Thought and suggestions

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          Is this actual OAS/on demand scanning or the DAT updates thats hangning it?
          Are there timeout entries on fiules in OAS or on demand logs?
          Do the hangs correspond to the DAT update times?
          Is the server just file and print or app server? maybe you need some scan exceptions...
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            My first round with McAfee on the server. It is with the scanning I assume. Not sure what OSA or where the log files are. Only happen when the use is remoted in from home. I have been around and around with SonicWall adn everyone seem to keep blamming each other when in fact this was not an issue before the SonicWall VPN-200 and Pro2040 went in along with the McAfee.

            Was usingSymantec adn Cisco router before.
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              The logs are held here: "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\DesktopProtection" on the server.
              Is there anything in them to correspond to the time frame you get a hang in?
              • 4. Windows Servers Hanging after 5051
                Help me, tonyb99, help me! Similar to this thread, we have a handful of Windows 2003 SP2servers running 8.5i eng 5300. Some are file and print, some are multi-function (AD, File/print, SMS Repository), some are application servers.
                In some cases, the 5051 error shows up in the App Log for McShield and about a minute later a 7011 shows up in the System log for McShield, then between an hour and a day later, the system hangs and we have to reboot it.
                In other cases, the 5051 error shows up in the App Log for McShield and about two minutes later the McLogEvent entry in the System log showing 7034/5/6 where the McShield service was restarted.
                We can't seem to find a single common element between the servers that are hanging or a difference between the ones that can recover and the ones that can't. Is there ANY place else we can look? Please advise, your expertise and perspective would be very welcome.