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    Help - Outlook 2007 Error

      The Add-In "Exchange Scan" (C:\Program Files\McAfee\Managed Virus Scan\VScan\ScanOTLK20070920163743.dll) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook. Please contact the Add-in manufacturer for an update. If no update is available, please uninstall the Add-in.

      Can anyone point me to a fix? Reinstall?
        • 1. hmm
          Vinod R
          Was it an Enterprise Edtion McAfee that you had on this system earlier?

          Try these
          Open Notepad an type

          cd/d "%UserProfile\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook"
          del extend.dat

          save it as "McAfee.bat"
          you will get a bat file
          Run that
          and see if issue is there

          Notice the quotes and use it at all place as such
          • 2. RE: hmm
            load outlook without addins
            make sure the mcafee addin is not applied
            delete extend.dat for all profiles
            restart outlook enable the addin again
            close and restart outlook

            do you still get the message?
            • 3. Add-in more like laugh-in
              How do you disable the McAfee Add-in
              • 4. RE: Add-in more like laugh-in
                go to the addins in outlook and remove the check in the tick box
                • 5. RE: Add-in more like laugh-in

                  Wow! Gee Thanks for all of the detailed information. I now know the same thing that I did last time. It would have been nice if you have given some further information than unckeck the tick box.

                  Like perhaps the following example:
                  In Outlook Menu go to Tools-->Trust Center --> Add-ins

                  However, there is not check box anywhere to remove the add-ins or disable the add-ins. There is a check box to Apply Macro Security Settings to installed add-ins.

                  Yet there is no Add-in for McAfee hence my question.

                  I really appreciate the useless answer though.
                  • 6. RE: Add-in more like laugh-in

                    I have used my amazing powers of typing words into the microsoft knowledgebase to bring up their instructions on this especially for you "ITWizard", personally I don't run outlook 2007 but this applies to it according to their knowledgebase:

                    You receive the "The add-in C:\Program Files\McAfee\McAfeeVirusScan\scanemal.dll could not be found" error message when you start Outlook

                    View products that this article applies to.
                    Article ID:315046Last Review:March 27, 2007Revision:4.1
                    This article was previously published under Q315046

                    When you start Microsoft Outlook, you may receive the following error message: The add-in C:\Program Files\McAfee\McAfeeVirusScan\scanemal.dll could not be found
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                    This issue can occur after you remove McAfee VirusScan. Removing McAfee VirusScan does not remove the add-in from the Outlook Add-In Manager. Back to the top


                    To resolve this issue, remove the McAfee VirusScan add-in from Outlook. To do this, follow these steps: 1.In Outlook, click Options on the Tools menu.2.Click the Other tab, click Advanced Options, and then click Add-In Manager.3.Click to clear the Exchange Scan check box, click OK, and then click OK.4.Click OK.
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                      Outlook Menu --> Tools -->Trust Center --> Add-ins --> exchange client --> go --> uncheck exchange scan
                      • 8. Solution to Exchange Scan error
                        In Outlook Menu go to Tools-->Trust Center --> Add-ins

                        At the bottom of this right pan see Manage: drop down ( select Exchange client Extension) and Click GO....

                        it will open one pop-up and it has 3-4 check boxes ,uncheck all and it will resolve the issue.
                        • 9. RE: hmm

                          I delete it by default every time a user here logs in. It might slow down Outlook's first startup after login, but that's a small price to pay for removing the annoying alert.